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Located in the exclusive and accessible district of Sukhumvit, 四国 Gym is your best choice to fit in a 泰拳 workout into your hedonistic 曼谷 vacation. More importantly, this is also the camp of 泰拳 legend Saenchai, one of the best 泰拳 fighters 所有的时间。

四国 Gym Brief History

Source: 四国

四国 began as a 泰拳 brand producing shorts and training equipment in 2010. The brand name then followed up with a successful marketing campaign: sponsoring famous fighters such as Buakaw, Yoddecha Sityodtong and Saenchai.

They also partnered with well-known 泰拳 camps such as Por Pramuk and Sityodtong 通过 providing them with high quality training equipments; and embarking on a 泰拳 expo in Europe in 2011. There was no looking back since.

In 2014, 四国 joined forces with PK Saenchai team to open a new gym in the Surasak area in 曼谷. 四国 then parted ways with PK to move to the more convenient location of Sukhumvit in 2016 where you can train alongside Saenchai and multiple time Lumpinee champions, Singdam Kiatmoo9 and Pakorn PKSaenchaiGym.

四国 训练 Center 曼谷 Overview

The gym is well-equipped with bags, pads, a ring, weights and other strengthening/conditioning equipment, all decked out in the typical 四国 neons and seasonal colors.

那里有干净的更衣/淋浴/厕所设施,背后有储物柜,并且在酒店内 四国 shop right in front. Basically, you have everything you need right there for your 泰拳 training needs.





Everyone gets 3 rounds of pad work in the ring with one of the respectable 四国 trainer like Kru Manop or Kru Petchdam. If you are new to the sport, it will be obvious and a fighter or trainer will usually come up and offer to demonstrate or guide you.


Source: 四国


While the 四国 fighters usually clinch and spar among themselves, you are welcome to approach them for some clinching and sparring. They will more often than not, oblige.


Essentially, you get to experience every aspect of a typical full-fledged 泰拳 training, as long as you take the initiative (as is the protocol in most authentic fight camps).





Group training here cost 500 baht per session. The main highlight of training at 四国 gym is of course meeting the legend Saenchai.


费用似乎很多,但被Saenchai踢屁股的经验是无价的。国际海事组织值得每一场讨论。我是说泰铢。 (相比之下,与Yodsanklai的私人费用为15000泰铢,与Buakaw的费用为8000 USD)

另外,您也可以与Singdam,Pakorn或Manachai等任何较年轻的战斗机进行私人会谈,费用约为3000泰铢。也可以和Kru Manop(Saenchai)一起训练’的主要培训师)或Kru Petchdam(新加坡’的兄弟和培训师)。

素坤逸(Sukhumvit)是一个以外国人闻名的地区,因为这里有许多购物场所,狂野的夜生活和丰富的侨民社区,并为城市提供各种便利’s visitors.

尽管沿林荫大道交通拥堵,但BTS Skytrain系统和高效高效的摩托车出租车网络仍可轻松到达该地区。


去健身房:乘坐BTS火车到Asok站,然后前往Exchange Tower出口。您可以沿着繁忙的Soi 16交通步行5-10分钟,或者快速乘坐Soi 16入口附近的众多摩托车出租车之一,到达带有红色大门的健身房。告诉骑手带你去“Yokkao” or “Muay Thai”。 (截至撰写本文时,自行车费用为10泰铢)

如上所述,在受欢迎的素坤逸路地区当然不乏旅馆。实际上,这是使自己立于不败之地的最佳场所。素坤逸路的美食,按摩,购物和各种娱乐方式’s got it all. For the best hotel nearest to 四国, my top pick has to be 三叶草阿索克酒店.


这家绝对现代而时尚的酒店位于Soi 16的入口,仅需5分钟即可到达’ walk from 四国 gym. Unless you are looking for a 5-star joint, you will not be disappointed with 三叶草阿索克酒店.

我如何爱你?让我数一数:时尚的装饰,干净的房间,舒适的床、,懒的午后屋顶游泳池,优质的热情服务以及几步之遥,距Asok BTS和Sukhumvit地铁站(300m)。


旅行者’ Feedback
– “这家酒店别致而现代,拥有非常乐于助人和出色​​的员工。家政服务也很棒。
– “巨大的价值!工作人员非常热情好客,房间很干净。

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With great training facilities and world class trainers, 四国 Gym is a 曼谷-Mecca for 泰拳 fans. My personal opinion is that it offers a well-balanced training environment to cater to all levels.

If you relish the opportunity to train with or alongside a living 泰拳 legend, this is a no-brainer. 四国’最卖点的确是明星的吸引力。

前往 四国.com 如果您要预订私人会议,或者只是出现在现场。健身室正迅速成为培训中非常受欢迎的场所,并会不定期举行研讨会,因此,如果您想安全起见,可以在线预订课程。

The training will no doubt leave you gasping for air, the heat and humidity of 曼谷 will wear you down, but the memories of training with 泰拳 legends at 四国 Gym will linger in your mind for a long time to come.



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    I am currently in 曼谷 and will go train at 四国 tomorrow. I wanted to know at what time in the morning they go for the run? It is not clear to me when they start (or I am just stupid wich might be the case lol

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